Who says you can’t possibly have everything in a holiday?

If you are seeking the comfort of a hotel without compromising the coziness of home,

Or simply want to curl up with a book, sipping your special green tea,

If you want to begin your day with a walk and plug into your laptop by noon,

At Vilvam, we make it possible.

You can be on your own enjoying the tranquility of chilly Kodai

Or book our entire home with 5 tastefully done rooms and let your kids bring down the roof!

After all, isn’t that what holidays are all about?


  • Reaching Vilvam, Kodaikanal By / 21st June, 2014

    Here are the ways to reach Vilvam, Kodaikanal from different cities. There are two road that lead you to Kodai. One road takes you via Batlagundu and is called the Kodai Ghat Road (58 KMs) whose gradient is brilliantly engineered with just 2 hairpin-bends. Thanks to the British who did the origional formation of this road. This is a double road ( 7.5 m in width) and is always well maintained. You will be able enjoy the beauty of its vegetation and its aroma as you pass through this road. Enjoy the 1.5 to 2 hours drive through this road along the mountains and its shola ( though a very little of it is left).

  • Kodai – Location By / 21st June, 2014

    Kodaikanal lies in the Palani hills which is the eastern offshoot of the Western Ghats covering an area of 2400 Sq. Kms, and the town of Kodaikanal is centrally located. The Palani Hills is the main watershed for the Vaigai (South) and Amaravathi (Cauvery) (North) Basins. Geographically, Kodaikanal is located at a latitude of 10°7′ N to 10°20′ N and a longitude of 77°16′ E to 77°45′ E. Kodaikanal is situated at an altitude of about 2,133 m.

  • History of Kodai By / 27th May, 2014

    Kodai Hills has a history as old as time. There are references to Kodaikanal in the Tamil Sangam literature of the early Christian era. In the pre-historic times, the primitive tribes of Paliyans and Pulyans resided near the Palani Hills and their descendants still live here in many of the hamlets. There is proof of settlement of prehistoric tribes at Kodaikanal by visible artifacts such as dolmens homes of great stone slabs. After the primitive tribes of Paliyans and Pulyans, in 14th century, villagers of Palani foot hills fled into Kodai hills, to escape from the oppressive rule in the plains and also from the invasion of Tippu Sultan.

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