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Here are the ways to reach Vilvam, Kodaikanal from different cities. There are two road that lead you to Kodai. One road takes you via Batlagundu and is called the Kodai Ghat Road (58 KMs) whose gradient is brilliantly engineered with just 2 hairpin-bends. Thanks to the British who did the origional formation of this road. This is a double road ( 7.5 m in width) and is always well maintained. You will be able enjoy the beauty of its vegetation and its aroma as you pass through this road. Enjoy the 1.5 to 2 hours drive through this road along the mountains and its shola ( though a very little of it is left).

The other road is the one that emanates from Palani, which is called as the Kodai-Palani Ghat Road (62 KMs), poorly aligned and designed with 21 hair-pin bends, thanks(?!) to the Highways Department who did the formation in 1970 and this road became operational in 1975. Both the roads meet at a place called Perumal Malai which is just 12 KMs from Kodaikanal.
Madurai is the nearest Airport and is 120 KMs and takes 3 Hours from Madurai via the Kodai Ghat Road. There are frequent buses from Madurai and cab would cost you Rs. 1800 (Ambassador, Indica etc) to Rs 2500(Quoalis, Tavera etc) depending on the vehicle.

From chennai or Bangalore, the distance is 520 KMs and I recommend you to take up any of the Chennai – Madurai train and descent at Kodai Road Jn. Kodiakanal is 70 KMs from here via the Kodai Ghat Road and a cab would cost you Rs 800 to Rs 1200. There are also direct buses (KSRTC, TNSEC,KPN, Parveen ) from Chennai and Bangalore and it would be a overnight journey

From Coimbatore, Kodai is 175 KMs via the Kodai-Palani Ghat Road. There are direct buses from Coimbatore, Erode, Thiripur, Sathyamangalam, Gobi and frequest buses from Palani. From Palani, the cab would cost you Rs 1800.

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